The CLT anniversary event

On the 26th of February  I attended the co-design session that was related to the CLT anniversary. I’ve participated in the session from 10 to 11:30 am. The session was held in Al Alfi hall, gathering between students and professors . There were about 5 tables in the hall where 2 professors and 3 students sat on. A number of cards were given to each person written on them some questions. Each person should answer those questions individually then discuss it with the rest of people sitting with him/her on the table. The questions were divided into questions related to the students and questions to the professors. Then, each one of us shared his answers with the others. The discussion elaborated the perspectives of both the students and professors as they shared their own concerns and how they can develop the learning process in AUC. Many misunderstandings were cleared between the students and the professors as they discussed what motivate and dismotivate them. On my table, we all agreed that boring classes are a nightmare for the professor and also the students. Therefore, the class should be interesting by adding stories, activities, and real life examples. Consequently, the session was an interesting opportunity for me to look upon the professors points of view. But there was a question that concerned me, is the solutions that we had figured out as a collaboration between the students and the professors are going to be applied later on in classes ?

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