A prototype for my digital narrative game

My digital narrative game is going to be about clean water and spreading water lines in many remote places especially in Egypt. Clean water is a main factor to live like air from my aspect. Therefore, every human being should have the right to have clean water to consume from provided by the government or even by donations. In my house, whenever there is a problem with the water I automatically think about the people who do not have clean water to drink or even to have a shower as I cannot stand a few hours without water so how do they feel without water for weeks and months. In Upper Egypt, there are many villages that do not have a regular source of water in the houses. Even when they have water in the houses it is not clear. Each year thousands of people die from bacterial diseases because of dirty water. In my game, there are going to be different scenarios based on the daily lifestyle of those people and how they suffer. For example, we could lose one of your family members as he suffer from a serious disease because of the dirty water that he drink; you will need to provide money in somehow to provide clean water for your family or your family members will get sick or even die.The game is going to be somehow similar to the outline of the Spent game as it present to the player few decisions to choose from then give him/her a brief fact about the importance of clean water. The targeted audience is mainly from a middle to high social classes as they can afford the money to donate for those people and they touch the enjoyment of having clean water.


2 thoughts on “A prototype for my digital narrative game”

  1. I find this idea amazing honestly! I love how it discusses a very important phenomenon that many people face and can’t express how they are affected daily. I believe you can add to your game how people run their daily lives in some way (e.g. how people have to walk long distances, sometimes miles, to get water to drink, how some people have to also walk very long distances to shower, etc.) Keep it up!!


  2. Nadeen, this sounds wonderful. Do you have access to people who live without regular clean water to help you build your game? Also, you could end your game with websites of NGOs or such that people can donate to, in order to get clean water to rural areas and such.


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