#EngageMOOC reflection 2

Recognition Is Futile: Why Checklist Approaches to Information Literacy Fail and What To Do About It:


The article mainly gives some points to concentrate  on while reading news to prevent being manipulated by fake news. First, the author spreads out many points to look at first when you read news so that you can differentiate between real and fake news. Second, he mentioned the four moves method that he composed besides the basic points to identify fake news those he mentioned before in his article. I learned from this article to look from different perspectives on any news I read, before claiming that it is true.

In Charlottesville, White Nationalists Try To Seize An Elusive Spotlight:

The writer mentioned in his article the protest of young white men in The University of Virginia who marched for the pending of a certain statue mentioned in the article. In this article the writer used a real life example to prove his words, which is that gay marriage was a joke in the 50s; now gay marriage is a popular and somehow a normal thing and people find it as a human right. A thing that I noticed in the article that things can shift from a way to another by time.

#EngageMOOC retweet:

on twitter I retweeted a tweet that grabbed my attention and I found it critically convincing to me. The tweet is by Keegan Long-Wheeler who paraphrased it from Halden : “My real fear is that people will be duped into believing fake news, but that people will throw up their arms and conclude that they can’t trust any news.”


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