After enrolling in the course of “engaging in the time of polarization” on EngageMOOC or edX some videos and readings grabbed my attention :

1- Amanda Martinez’s video:

The video talks about fake or fabricated news to grab the attention of the consumers or audience. She said that fake news can be sometimes not fully fabricated as they can be real but presented after adding some picked information that the audience should know or to target a certain group of people. Other news can have a basic truth but twisted in a certain way to deliver a certain message or to do what high positions order. From the video, I learned that we should carefully pick the news that we can believe by referring to its source and its credibility. There are stages of authority in the news sources, the main source are librarians because they use trusted materials like books.

2- The article “Power, Polarization, and Tech” (Chris, February 5, 2018) :

The article is about what is polarization and its relationship with technology. Polarization is making a difference between two groups of people because of their color, race, religion, social class, … . For example, the polarization between the black and the white people. Technology and digitals like social media platforms became an important factor in polarization as it present it for instance by telling the stories of people who have been affected to polarization. Polarization depends on power as the powerful and strongest one stays on top.

3- Twitter chat:

Users of EngageMOOC and edX use Twitter to interact and communicate with each other and with their instructor. The instructors goes on live videos and users start to interact with them and ask questions for the topic they are talking about. When I checked and tried Twitter chat, I found it really helpful and useful to let people express their feelings and opinions.


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